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By NeonAnderson17-06-2013

As we previously reported, there has been a lot of online debate about what Battlefield 4 was running on at E3. This debate has now extended past just Battlefield 4 and all games shown at the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 conferences.

According to Julian Rignall on Twitter, he tweeted that while playing an Xbox One game at E3, it crashed to a Windows 7 Hewlet Packard branded desktop. The staff then supposedly used Windows Task Manager to force quit the game and started it up again. This also is in addition to a thread on HFBoards that has composed some evidence that multiple Xbox One games were running on Windows 7 or 8 PCs, that thread is viewable here.

Things are looking a bit better though on Sony's end. According to Gaming Blend, Jonathan Blow who is currently developing The Witness and is known for Braid, tweeted that his game was indeed running on PS4 developer hardware and not a high-end PC. He also stated that all the other developers showed their games during the Sony conference on the PS4 devkit and not a PC.

Now while to some people such things do not matter, the reason this is important does make logical sense. Think of it this way, if it is being shown on a PC it might have little to do with the final product, once optimised for an actual Xbox One. However, I am starting to get the vibe that my original impressions from the Xbox One reveal will come out as being correct, namely that the Xbox One is running on a variant of the Windows 8 OS. Meaning that the devkit for Xbox One could actually be software including hardware recommendations for a PC running on Win 7 or 8. According to Wikipedia the Xbox One is using a customised Windows kernel, however this has no source.


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Posts: 596

It will be funny if the games now look way better than when they launch on an actual Xbox One...

Posts: 3290

That's the Microsoft way.

When it doubt, just lie

Posts: 127

I loved the first reports of "Xbox ONE demos" crashing into a HP-branded desktop xD Made me laugh so hard