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X: Rebirth Gets New Flight Model, Expansion

By zethalee03-09-2015

Colossal spaceflight sim X: Rebirth has seen quite a few trials and tribulations over the years. Almost universally panned upon release, it was an extremely buggy, unresponsive mess of a game that was seen as an insult to players of previous entries, looking for a more modern addition. Regardless of the community reaction, Egosoft has been hard at work with some impressive post-launch support, making sure the game ran well enough for all, or at least making it playable.

Thus, we come to the latest update, 3.60. While there's a long list of bugfixes that you can read for yourself on your own time, there are some highlights. The first of which is a new flight model for the game. As it stands now, ships in X: Rebirth are largely governed by physics similar to what you'd find on Earth, that is, movement is influenced by friction. Now, assuming you take the time to keybind it, you can turn off the "flight assist," and have ships behave more like actual ships in space. Furthermore, you can now mark targets directly on your map, and buy/sell ships remotely.

There still is, however, no plans to allow you access to any other ships in the base game. Though their reasoning is that "it's just not something that we can patch in," they do plan on releasing that for another game in the future. It's not exactly much consolation to any fans of the series, but at the very least, Egosoft does listen to their community somewhat. There is also another major update/DLC planned, but Egosoft will have more information about that in the future.

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