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X Rebirth Developers Talk About AI Pathfinding

By Mokman13-05-2013

The X series is infamous for being one of the most complex space sims this side of EVE Online. The X series franchise has a strong cult following and a hardcore group of extremely serious sci-fi fans. I'm admittedly, one of them, although not a pure-blood, as they would say, since I only really jumped in around X3. Still, the incredible amount of detail, the mind-boggling complexity, and the beautiful worlds were exactly what I wanted from a space simulator. Nevermind the slowness and the frustrations that came with it, it was... perfect.

And now, the sequel is coming out. X Rebirth. Here we have the German development studio, Egosoft, responsible for this strange offering, talking about the pathfinding in the game. Which is strange, considering that people had thought it dead, after it had been announced for release come the end of 2011 and had subsequently not been delivered. Still, not that I'm complaining, far from it.

For those looking for some quick and exciting action, then... well, this video isn't for you. But for those of you who CRAVE a 7 minute video of a dude talking about spaceship pathfinding, well then head on over and watch the video. It is amazing.

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I bought the entire X series a while back, been meaning to give it a go....