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X Is Back

By Bis18marck7009-08-2013

Trade Fight Build Think – yes, that is the slogan of an age and it heralds the return of the X universe. Whether you are the mastermind behind a growing and expanding trading corporation, the tycoon behind a vast network of factories and space stations or the greatest admiral in the galaxy, the X universe is something for everyone who wants to spend hours in an alternate reality. Check out the first trailer that went live yesterday to marvel at the beauty of space.

One little bummer remains however. It seems my letter to Egosoft asking for a redesign of the slogan 'Trade Fight Build Think' to 'Trade Build Think Conquer' never got approved. I would have thought that fellow Germans would be all up for that...maybe the PR guys didn't like it.

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Hell yes! This time it seems to be streamlined and more user friendly though keep what made it so great - the openness. Star Citizen will have a competitor. Cant wait!