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X Fight

By Bis18marck7021-10-2013

Feel like building up a vast fleet of capital ships, frigates, corvettes and fighters? Well, if you have patience and a talent for economics (Supply + Demand – that's all you need to know), then the upcoming X Rebirth might just be for you. Of course the series has a massive following of players that sink countless hours creating a huge galactic economic or military (or both) cooperation and if you are one of them, you already know all about X there is to know.

If not? Well, then it's time you sort that out and educate yourself on one of the grandest sci-fi sandbox series in existence. Oh, and the above trailer is new. Might be worth mentioning...

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Posts: 1548

...while not being dumbed down.

Posts: 1548

Can't wait for this one. It seems to be streamlined to the level where I can enjoy it.