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WoW Auction Hackings

By BloodyFanGirl25-06-2013

Early yesterday morning rumours arose that World of Warcraft's Mobile Armory app had been compromised. The app in question let's WoW users access various in-game features including the auction house and this is where the issue stems from. Today Blizzard themselves reported a deluge of logins from unauthorised accounts via this app and the official site. This recent hacking resulted in large amounts of gold being laundered from hacked accounts via overpriced junk in the auction house.

Blizzard is presently in the process of notifying players that were affected and assisting with account resets. WoW support will also restore missing gold and items to hacked accounts upon request. Additionally mobile app access to the auction house has been suspended but players can still access it through the official website as well as in-game.

Blizzard seemed to imply in the battle.net announcement that players with the authentication thing-a-ma-jig would remain unaffected by this hacking. However some players have reported via recent forum posts that they have lost large amounts of gold from their accounts despite possessing the authenticator.

Blizzard responded, "While no means of account security is guaranteed, every precaution you take to secure your computer and your account - including changing your password periodically - adds another defensive barrier," and added, "We strongly encourage everyone to take a few moments to read through the security tips available on our support website and follow the suggestions posted there." Which just sounds a bit redundant and patronising considering what's already happened.

Still, that advice aside, Blizzard's handling of the situation is impressive as always. Last month we covered similar auction house shenanigans in Diablo III. That was caused by an unfortunate exploit that arose from the 1.0.8 update patch for that game. Blizzard handled that situation in a similarly commendable manner.

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Posts: 3290

I doubt it honestly. Frankly, most people are too bloody stupid to know how to do it

Posts: 596

People will do just about anything nowadays to earn money through very odd methods lol. Well I guess its better than if these same people are out on the streets stealing shops and people?

Maybe this will be the future of all crime? Digital crime instead of physical crime. Besides, one day I think people won't even have cash on them any more and thus stealing someone's wallet will achieve very little.