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WoT Servers Hacked

By NeonAnderson20-04-2013

The World of Tanks servers have been hacked and all users are recommended to change their account passwords, full details of the hack are inside.

It seems the World of Tanks servers have once again been hacked, previously the World of Tanks payment system was hacked which is operated by PlaySpan. This time around it is the actual World of Tanks servers that have been hacked thus exposing users’ hashed passwords and email addresses. The financial information remains secure though.

To ensure the users’ accounts remain secure, Wargaming has launched a “change your password event”. This event promotes players to change their account password thus earning a neat 300 free Gold for themselves. The free Gold is both to promote users to change their account password and is their way of saying sorry for the inconvenience.

To find out how to change your password head on over to this page for EU World of Tanks players and this page for American World of Tanks players.

As an important note, as account passwords are shared among World of Tanks, World of Warplanes and World of Warships – users of any of those three titles will need to change their account password as well.

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Posts: 1317

I love how they give 500 gold to people for changing their passwords. A sort of "hey we got hacked, take this cash and shut the fuck up".

Posts: 3290

Every time I hear about something like this, I mean something that just seems to target usernames and passwords, I'm left baffled as to why anyone would bother? What do they actually gain from it? I don't even see much use for bragging rights about being able to do it