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WoT 8.4 Released

By NeonAnderson07-03-2013

Yet another update has come out for World of Tanks, this time around, patch 8.4 brings an entire new line of British Tank Destroyers to the battlefield, along with other important new features.

Included in the update are 10 new British Tank Destroyers and 3 new German Light Tanks. There is also a new Tier 6 Premium Russian Tank Destroyer, the SU-100Y.

The British Tank Destroyers have a large range of different strengths and weaknesses at each tier and will definitely provide a new way of playing tank destroyers for the World of Tanks players. In addition to this, there is now a tutorial for new players included in the update, which shows players how to aim and move their tank, how to shoot at moving targets and the differences of shooting at frontal armour versus rear and side armour. As well as demonstrating how the cover mechanic works with bushes.

Hopefully the new tutorial will remove a part of the learning curve for beginners and help improve the overall skill of the community in the long-run. The new features do not end there, as previously promised the update also includes the new overhauled versions of four existing maps Steppes, Fisherman's Bay, Ensk, and Live Oak.

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