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World of the Fallen

By drcoolio34508-09-2014

Lords of the Fallen: It plays like Dark Souls, looks like Bound by Flame, has the character design of a metal head's version of Warcraft, and now it has a world trailer!

According to the trailer, "only evil can destroy evil," so cue you, Harkyn, the silent badass beefcake anti-hero type that would make the chosen undead look like an ant in comparison. You'll be fighting demons, the sinister, and the realms themselves, to complete your mission in the game.

Harkyn's mission in the game? Well, to go into the abandoned temple, forward into the realm of the Rougar, and stick your sword right through the lords of the raiding army of course! But to do so you're going to have to travel through all the rooms and enemies shown off in the trailer presumably, and find the truly sinister along with your fate.

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