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World of Tanks v8.1 Map Changes Video

By NeonAnderson24-10-2012

While it is of course odd for developers to be reviewing their own games and updates, this is something World of Tanks players are quite used to now from Wargaming.net. Regardless of what you think of this practice, the actual content of the latest video definitely makes it worth watching!

This latest video highlights the significant changes to 4 existing maps, to adjust for the physics changes and to make them have a larger variety of tactical possibilities.

My personal favourite changes are to the Abbey map, I always found it tactically limiting and one of the most static of maps, with the new changes shown in the video it should become a lot more interesting and dynamic to play on. So, I for one cannot wait to try out the new reworked maps!

What map changes do you like the most? Are there any map changes you do not like? Share your comments below!

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