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World of Tanks – The Rising Sun Appears

By NeonAnderson20-09-2013

Well, at long last we finally have the first insights into the coming World of Tanks update that will introduce Japanese tanks to the ever growing variety of tank nations in World of Tanks. While it may still be months before this update is fully released, update 9 will see the inclusion of the first Japanese tanks and many other major feature additions (as with each major feature update).

While it is still unclear how many patches away we are from the Japanese update and what else will be included with the Japan update, what we do know so far sounds great! The Japanese tank tree will initially launch with just 14 tanks spread across two branches, a light and medium branch. Thus no heavy Japanese tanks will be included (yet). For the tank fanatics amongst you, these are the following tank models:

Light Tank Branch

- Tier 1: NC27 Otsu

- Tier 2: Type 97 Te-Ke

- Tier 3: Type 95 Ha-Go

- Tier 4: Type 98A Ke-Ni

- Tier 5: Type 5 Ke-Ho (Medium Tank)

Medium Tank Branch

- Tier 2: Chi-Ni

- Tier 3: Chi-Ha

- Tier 4: Chi-He/Ho-l

- Tier 5: Chi-Nu

- Tier 6: Chi-To

- Tier 7: Chi-Ri (75-88/56)

- Tier 8: Type 61

- Tier 9: ST-A1

- Tier 10: STB1

Japan will be the 7th nation to be included in World of Tanks and all of these details are currently just the "proposal" and can be changed once the content hits the test server. Depending on the statistics and feedback the developers get at that point they may change the branches and tanks.

Wargaming has stated:

"The introduction of Japanese tanks allows us to explore the design and innovation of a number of legendary armored vehicles and give players the chance to experience their technological evolution throughout the mid-20th century. Tank models based on original designs of Japanese engineers will offer players a wide selection of authentic upgrade schemes, each tailored for particular combat objectives."

This is very exciting news and it will be interesting to see what key feature will set the Japanese branches aside from the 6 other nations currently in the game.

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