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World of Tanks – British Tanks Video

By NeonAnderson24-10-2012

With the 8.1 test well underway, the official launch of the somewhat controversial 8.1 update for World of Tanks is nearing ever closer!

Version 8.1 will add 22 new British tanks to the game, the excitement amongst WoT players really could never be higher!

As for the controversial element of the update, 8.1 will see a major change to Gold Ammunition and will now allow players to purchase Gold Ammunition with credits (the in-game currency) as well as with Gold (the real money currency). While this will definitely balance out well on Clan Wars and ESL competitions, players fear that Gold Ammunition will now frequently be used in Random Battles and potentially ruin the game entirely.

Are you excited for the British tanks? What are your thoughts on the Gold Ammunition changes? Share your interesting thoughts below.

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Posts: 233

Gold ammo with credits - the following will happen: In the first few days, everyone loads them up. Then they realize they can't sustain themselves like this. As such, they either lower the ratio of gold ammo to a few rounds so they can engage specific targets OR (and this is the easy way out and what, imo, Wargaming plans) they buy Gold to convert it to Credits OR Buy Gold to buy Gold ammo OR buy Gold to buy Premium tanks. As it stands, it would balance Clan Wars but kill random battles/ CB even more - my beloved Hetzer can now theoretically penetrate the side of a Maus. Well that's just 'great'.

Posts: 596

Yeah, I hate the way though they are selling it as if it's a feature for the community. Overlord's blog makes it even more disgusting. He replies to people saying it's bad with stuff like: Variety is always good (meaning that removing gold ammo is bad as then less variety) and many other completely stupid and ignorant comments.

Posts: 233

More tanks to get into my sights finding a quick end - I am all for it.

On the subject of Gold ammo: Wargaming wins - in every way as we are used to.