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World of Tanks 8.2 Revealed

By NeonAnderson07-11-2012

Wargaming.net has revealed patch 8.2 along with a Chinese Tanks Teaser trailer. Above you can see that trailer.

Update 8.2 is currently planned to introduce 17 new tanks in the all-new Chinese tech tree. Additionally, the update will bring 5 new American tanks and will see 4 existing maps have their overhaul for the lighting and physics changes.

Are you excited to get your hands on the Chinese tech tree? Share your comments below!

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Posts: 596

The main issue I have with WOT at the moment to be honest is premium ammo (the fact it's in the game) and the fact the game STILL only uses one core. The latter is just completely unnaceptable and they should have fixed this when they did the lighting engine and I still don't understand why they haven't!?

What's the hold up on such an important feature?

Posts: 233

Some bigger problems in WoT atm then a lack of diversity

Posts: 596

I'm really curious about the Chinese heavy tanks. I hope they aren't too similar to the Russian ones in-game.