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World of Choppers

By Spellbound13-04-2014

So, if you don’t play World of Warcraft, there are things in the game called mounts that you can ride to get to places faster. Y’know, like a horse.  But in a fantasy universe, there are more fun things than horses, like colourful Hippogryphs, ancient Chinese dragons from Pandaland, a flying mechanical golem thing, and even effing ROCKETS. So, I ask, why not a simple bike?

Well sure, why not? Blizzard’s already gone plenty bonkers with their mount choices, so I hardly think a contraption on two wheels is going to cause much controversy. They could say the gnomes made it.

Azeroth Choppers will take the form of a webseries where renowned chopper creator, Paul Jr., will craft two bikes: one for the Horde and one for the Alliance. Voting will decide which one will win, and so that very bike will be immortalised in World of Warcraft for you to make noise and annoy the neighbourhood while showing off your colours.

The webseries will premiere on the 17th of April 2014, so voting isn’t quite up yet. More information can be found on the official Azeroth Chopper website.

NB: if you were confused like I was about the term ‘choppers’, it means motorcycles. Not helicopters. Go figure.

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