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World Beyond the Mirror

By Bobfish12-06-2013

After the deceptively titled Mirror's Edge 2 trailer we saw at E3 yesterday, EA have opened up a little about what the game will really be. Not quite a sequel, not quite a reboot, with an open world. That was about the point where my eyes glazed over. I regained self awareness at some indeterminate point afterwards and found myself headbutting puppies at my monitor, with bundles of cash strapped to them and rockets stapled to their eyelids, in an attempt to send my money directly through the internet to the dev team. A little bit obsessed you say? Why yes, yes I am. The head of EA Games Label, Patrick Söderlund, had the following to say on the matter:

"I can tell you one thing. It's a very different Mirror's Edge experience than the first game. Obviously as you saw in the trailer there are some things that will clearly remain the same. We're not going to break what the game was good at. But in general, though, there are some changes, which are for the better I think. The first game was a lot about running away from things. And, even though you want to have sections with that, you also want Faith... she's a powerful character and you want her to take control. You'll see a little bit more of that in this game. Again, we're not going to turn this into a shooter. On the contrary, in fact. But we are going to evolve Faith and the story. Once we show more of this people will be genuinely excited. I am personally extremely excited about it."

It seems there are people out there with a hefty case of selective amnesia. Perhaps, in their fugue, they misjudged their aim and hit a few of those rockets I mentioned. Mirror's Edge, whilst certainly not a combat focused game, had its fair share of action sequences. There were even times when you had to fight your way out, either hand to hand or with guns. It is not a new thing to the series. And, dude, open world. What more do you need to know? Ask below and we shall endeavour to answer.

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Another advantage of open world would be direct integration of the time trials and other challenges. Instead of having to leave the game and select them from the menu screen, just go to the map point et voila. And...online anyone? With procedurally generated delivery missions. You are a runner after all. Maybe even user generated missions. It might sound a bit gimmicky, but it's been shown to work extremely well in the past

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Mirror's Edge 1 was great as is, so I really don't care how they make Mirror's Edge 2, whatever they do with it, it should be epic :D

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Well, they're not limited by 512mb of RAM anymore. And if Ass Cream can do it when they are...

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Would be cool to have it open world, or even semi open world. I really hope they can pull it off right though.