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Working Up SimCity Wealth

By SavageOcto20-12-2012

In an on-going series of articles released by EA on the next SimCity, the developers talk about generating wealth in your city to attract wealthy Sims and keeping them happy. Fans of the series know that how wealthy your citizens are affects your tax income and how your city grows. It also dictates the needs of your city, as wealthier Sims demand more.

The post talks about the different needs and services you’ll have to provide your Sims in order to keep them happy and increase property value. Commercial cities, for example, are more prone to crime and need a police force that can patrol the city. Doing so will lower crime and raise land values, which increases the likelihood of attracting wealthier Sims.

Besides providing services on what is needed in your city, you also have to provide things that will keep your Sims happy. Parks, for example, can attract different wealth classes based on the type of parks. Overlapping your parks with naturally high land values and other parks can really draw in higher wealth Sims to an area.

Check out the full post on EA’s site to get more of an idea of wealth in SimCity and how it affects your city. Read up on the game and prepare to create your own cities in March 2013.

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Posts: 1548

@JC I guess you have to build a police station only at the center then...

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And what if I want to have a huge shantytown with a core of skyscrapers? Or just a shantytown, the hub of gun and human trafficing?