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Wolves of the Emperor's Humour

By Bobfish11-10-2013

Because giving us free content just isn't good enough for them, Full Control have now decided to offer us a full blown expansion and for one day only (tomorrow Ocotber the 12th) will be offering Space Hulk at a 33% discount. Based on the Fangs of Fenris the new content will consist of three new missions, new playable Terminators in the shape of the Wolf Guard (pictured above) as well as new weapons which include the Frost Blade, Frost Axe and Wolf Claws. CEO of Full Control, Thomas Hentschel Lund, elucidated further on this, when you think about it, entirely logical decision.

"When it came to selecting the first expansion chapter for Space Hulk we felt that the introduction the Space Wolves would be both a great addition to the game, and a nod to the fact that our studio is based in the heart of Scandinavia – the Viking kingdoms of the past. Devastatingly ferocious in attack and immovably resolute in defense, the Wolf Guard will be a fantastic addition to the Space Hulk universe introducing new gameplay styles and methodology into the classic turn based action."

So stand strong brothers. The Emperor is with us. We will prevail!

At present there is no confirmed price (perhaps another free update?) or a release date more solid than 'late 2013', so check back regularly, because you will know more as soon as we do. In the meantime, you can purchase the game during the one day sale (and at all other times too for that matter) via its official website or, of course, the inimitable Steam. I can personally vouch for the quality of the finished product, and give major props to Full Control for their continued support. You are doing an oustanding job guys, the Emperor would be proud.

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