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Wolfenstein: The New Order on Twitch, Round 2

By drcoolio34528-04-2014

Wolfenstein is coming back with all the guns, Nazis, and gas chambers you could wish for. 

Wolfenstein: The New Order may not be out quite yet, but that hasn't been stopping the developers from streaming it on Twitch. Bethesda has been putting out videos showing gameplay as well as cutscenes, moral decisions, and dialogue between characters. The videos may be short at just half an hour per release, but on the bright side they release more and more material every couple of weeks up until the release date. 

Wolfenstein: The New Order will be released on May 20th, with the last gameplay video being played on Twitch on the 19th.

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Posts: 166

Just a shame about the censorship that is in the EU version.

Posts: 297

Gas chambers?!? I'm in!