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Wolfenscreens! We Got Them!

By MrJenssen15-05-2013

Earler this month, we reported on the announcement trailer that launched from Wolfenstein: New Order. Yes, there's a new Wolfenstein game coming out.

We've got us some screens for the upcoming Wolfenstein sequel. Actually, we stole them from PCGamer, but that's beside the point.

Is it just me, or do these screens kinda not remind much of what Wolfenstein used to look like for the past three instalments? Well, that might be because the game isn't developed by Id nor Raven. It's developed by MachineGames, a developer founded and run by former Starbreeze employees. Ah, yes. Now I see it. Do you see it? It looks more like a Riddick game than a Wolfenstein game! Not that it's a bad thing, considering how 'Escape from Butcher Bay' is one of the most celebrated first person shooters/brawlers/sneakers/escape-simulators out there.

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Posts: 351

I am skeptical but hopefully i get a nice surprise.

Posts: 3290

Making me want to play Riddick again...

Posts: 228

Nazis - equal opportunity employers.

I also sent Bethesda a message not to end the game with "and then he fixed the timeline and everything was ok"

Posts: 127

The color scheme of the 4th picture seems awfully familiar xD Apart from that - looks great :D