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Wo Bu Hui Shuo Zhong Wen

By Bobfish23-09-2014

"I don't speak Chinese."

The title I mean, anyway. With approximately two months still to go until Ass Creed Unity hits the shelves, Ubi are already coming at us with plans for the first part of their season pass. Which is...irksome, to be sure. But to be fair, they do put some genuine effort into their season pass content, including special events and stuff for season pass holders. And they are clearly a viable business model because people buy them, and they keep making them. So yeah, that's a conversation for another time. What's more important is what is contained within. And that is what we are here to talk about today. Boasting an entire eight hours of extra content, it would seem to be fully justifying itself right there, truth be told. As for what it contains, well now, that may well win you over.

The first half is pretty much what you would expect. Some extra content for the main story, following Arno after the events of the main game in the 'darkest' Assassin's Creed chapter yet. Make of that what you will, but I personally zoned out completely at that point. Yes yes, it's dark, gritty and hard boiled how original. Yawn. Also, how very professional of me. Don't you just love all this passive/aggressive posturing? No? Goo0d! Because there's nothing passive about my aggression! Rawr. But seriously, it looks interesting and does boast close to forty more items to customise your assassin with. Now the other part of the pass...

Fun fact, I can actually speak (a little) Chinese. I can also read a little more, though my familiarity with the Hanzi (Chinese characters) is highly limited. The point is, I have a passion for Chinese culture. So when Shao Jun was first introduced back in Revelations, you can be dayum sure she caught my attention. And that I have been eagerly anticipating learning more about her ever since. Which is why Chronicles: China has caught my attention so completely. Oddly, it is stated as being Standalone, despite only being (currently) available as extra content, via the season pass, for Unity. Which leads me to wonder if it will be a repeat of the Adewale expansion from Black Flag. Later being released on its own I mean. Which would be a very good decision if so.

Whilst the fact that Shifu Jun is only starring in what is, essentially, a spin-off 'mini' game of the series is another thing that I find irksome. Much as Aveline did before her. The moment I saw the game itself, all of my animosity drained away. To be honest, the style of the game, the visuals and the professed inspiration from traditional, 18th century Chinese artwork...it really could not have been any other way. Though it would still be nice to see a female protagonist in the main series.

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