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With 10 Year Anniversary on Horizon, Book Chronicles EVE Online's Varied History

By zethalee27-04-2014

Soaring past its funding goal in under eight hours, the book is centered around the events that occur in “0.0 space,” also known as “nullsec,” an expanse of space where attacking other players does not elicit a response from NPC security forces.  The author, experienced game journalist Andrew Groen, likens the history of EVE to the history of humanity, with an initial period of barbarism, a slow amalgamation of players into alliances, corporations, and governments, slowly coalescing into the current alliances we have today.

For those unfamiliar to the political system of EVE, players form “corporations,” which are collections of players seeking similar goals, whether that's mining, trading, PvP, or anything else.  While one corporation may have anywhere from a few to several thousand members, player alliances are where the majority of the military force is concentrated.  Alliances are just that: alliances of corporations, seeking to achieve greater goals than can be done by just one corporation alone, all the while staking greater and greater claims on player-controlled space.

With battles potentially involving thousands of players, a book attempting to get a fair and balanced account of military, political, and cultural history is no mean feat, and any fan, casual or otherwise, might do well to see how the book is viewed upon release.

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