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Witchers in Downwarren

By Fr33Lanc3r.00715-08-2014

So the Witcher 3 is fast approaching, and it's time to make sure everyone is good and excited for it. So we have new gameplay footage, and some screenshots!

Taken from Gamescom, the video shows Geralt, now sporting a frickin awesome beard, wandering into the town of Downwarren, and is promptly told that they're having problems with a mysterious evil, and there are monsters nearby (because what else are they going to tell the main character of an RPG?); and then Geralt goes off to be a badass.

From there, it shows us more of what we already knew, combat is more action focused, there's the 'heightened senses' ability, and it generally just looks and feels amazing. But it's still fun to watch, and it's easy on the eyes, so enjoy it and the screens.

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Posts: 351

I already bought it as soon as it was available on steam, cant wait.

Posts: 3290

Yeah, and those screens took a bloody age to upload! Y'all better appreciate the trouble I went to

Posts: 267

Looks exciting.