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Witcher to Ride Dark Horse (Comics)

By JcDent04-10-2013

The Witcher was a fuckawesome (that's the official term for it) game by then Polish upstarts CD Projekt Red. The Witcher 2 was also OK and Witcher 3: Wild Hunt aims to knock your pants off. All in all, the Poles are doing well (unlike a certain company that makes games about dragons and ages).

Anyways, they're making a deal with Dark Horse Comics (they mostly deal in licensed TV show and movie comics or comics that are more fringe than DC and Marvel tripe). What about? Nobody know, but it would probably bridge the second and the third games. If you want to know about Geralt's past before the games, read the God-damned books that inspired it, because they're totally worth it.

We now eagerly await the New York ComiCon and further news.

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Anything coming out of CD Projekt is A-OK with me.

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Dark Horse did the Aliens comics