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Witcher 3 Gets New Game Plus In Final Free DLC

By WskOsc17-08-2015

The Witcher 3 is one gigantic adventure and we're willing to bet not everyone has finished it yet, I know I haven't and I don't think I'm even close. Thankfully, there's been a veritable landslide of free DLC released for the title with everything from hairstyles and alternate looks to weapons, armour and even new quests. CD Projekt have truly been generous with the amount of free stuff we've gotten and with this final free DLC they're breathing new life into The Witcher 3 in the form of a New Game Plus (NG+) mode, sadly it does come with some restrictions;

Your experience points will carry over, if you're below level 30 when you finish the game you'll get an automatic bump to 30 in NG+, you'll also receive a Clearing Potion that'll allow you to redistribute your skill points.

Not all items will carry over however; quest items, books & letters, Gwent cards, usable items and trophies will not be carried over but armour and weapons will. Money and alchemy recipes will carry over though, so it should be pretty easy to replace those missing usable items after a bit of foraging.

Additionally you'll be able to reselect your difficulty setting when starting a NG+

You can read the official statement on their forums, if you're feeling the need to investigate like a real Witcher. For those who just want more content, fear not because two full size expansions have so far been announced and a third should also be in the works at some point. Stay tuned for more Witching in the future.

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