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Winter is Coming...and Giving Birth to Boys

By Bunnysuit20-05-2015

Time to get excited again! New screenshots of the next episode of Telltale Games' Game of Thrones, Sons of Winter have been released.

Gared seems to be confronted by a wildling or a free folk. She looks a lot like Daenerys, I wonder if she's one of those rumored secret Targaryens, though I doubt it. Speaking of Daenerys, we see her with one of her dragons. At first I thought it was Drogon but it appears to be much smaller. He's likely still missing at this point.

Beksha being a badass in mareen.

We see what appears to be castle Whitehill. The land appears depressing and ugly as expected. The next picture shows that the Forresters are visiting the Whitehill family. I imagine that confrontation won't go well. Someone is likely to get killed.

The last screenshot shows Frostfinger with Gared. It appears Gared was in another fight or the aftermath with that Whitehill soldier with the terrible bowl haircut.

Sons of Winter is expected be released next Tuesday.

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That's not a bloody dragon!