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Winning Through

By CameronW12-03-2014

If you've been keeping up with the ArmA 3 campaigns, then you've probably played the two episodes titled "Survive" and "Adapt". If you've wanted more ArmA 3 then you're in luck because the third and final episode is being released on March 20th and it seems to cover the most important part of any military campaign simply titled "Win".

"The final installment of our campaign gives players the chance to experience combat on a larger scale than we've seen so far", said Arma 3's Creative Director Jay Crowe. "Tactical freedom - together with big, combined arms engagements - is at the heart of Episode 3's gameplay, as we follow Ben Kerry's story to its conclusion."

Not only are you just getting more campaign scenarios to play with, you're also getting three new vehicles, with two of them being aircraft and one of them being a new cargo truck. Both of the aircraft are single-set jets with varying levels of usefulness in different scenarios, and the cargo truck is resistant to stuff that usually messes with most cargo trucks like bombs and all that noise.

As usual you don't need to go download anything, your copy of ArmA 3 on Steam will automatically update on the 20th and you'll be able to play with the vehicles either in the scenarios, or in the editor.

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