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Winding My Way Down on Baker Street

By Bobfish08-06-2013

Four more screenshots and some tantalising teasing from Frogwares. The former I'll cover more in a moment, the latter is far more intriguing. As we've already reported, the upcoming seventh chapter in the Sherlock Holmes series has made some significant changes over previous titles. Not least of which being the enormously improved, Unreal 3 powered visuals. But also a much stronger focus on interaction within the stories. No longer are you simply observing the Holmsian methods, you will now be a major part of them.

"This new engine not only benefits the game's graphics, and it also allows the development of new investigation mechanics: in total, the game offers 14 gameplay mechanics that we will be pleased to present in more detail through screenshots and videos in the coming months. From the beginning of each of the 8 cases of the game, to the arrest of culprits and the moral choices that will be presented to the players, these new mechanics give the feeling that we ARE Sherlock Holmes, and enable them to fully use the incredible talents and gifts known to all fans, such as his skill to guess many details about someone's life simply by glancing at them."

The last part concerns me slightly, suggesting some kind of Instincts mechanic. A common trend in current gaming, such as Lara's X-ray vision in the Tomb Raider reboot. Though if, like the previous example, such is included as an optional thing, there's nothing inherently derogatory in the idea. Just a touch of personal bias. The rest, that's a lot more sketchy. I'm anticipating a ye olde forensic investigation section, like finding the bloodstain on the rug or the discarded pipe in the flowerbed. Perhaps some degree of speculation available regarding how evidence fits together, certainly branching dialogue trees during conversations. The rest, well, that still has me stumped. We're just going to have to wait and see.

As for the screenshots, they reveal a lot more than you may think. The lady in the Maid outfit is almost certainly a, somewhat younger, Misses Hudson (Holmes' long suffering housekeeper) or I seem to recall a Maid calling with evidence in another of his cases, The Crooked Man, but I'm certain it's Misses Hudson. The little nipper also suggests The Baker Street Irregulars will be a part of this game. So there, potentially, we have an inside track on two of the eight stories. If my speculations are correct which, then, will be the remaining six? Leave your own observations in the box below.

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They're going, so they say, for a fully third person action/adventure style of game. With emphasis more on the adventure. Looks damn good so far

Posts: 1317

The last Holmes game ("The Testament Of") didn't know whether it was supposed to be a point-n-click adventure or a third person adventure game. It ended up being a frustrating mix between the two, and the story just died off during the second half of the game. Let's hope this gets a whole lot better.

Posts: 3290

Looking, again, at the previous images and video, that's definitely Misses Hudson. Why she'd be outside...pass?

The chap laying dead in what appears to be a sitting room (first link, first image) is almost certainly Sir Brakenstall from The Abbey Grange. Whilst the other three images are likely from the same case, which is most likely The Adventure of the Priory School.

The first one on this page, with the chappy with the bloodied face sitting behind Holmes on the right (Holmes' left)...that one I'm still stumped by