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Will You Ever Not Fall For That? (Updated - Trailer)

By Bobfish12-11-2013

The Gods have landed. Enter the realm of the golden halls and test your wits against the greatest trickster in the history of man and God. Loki, the wolfchild*, has come out to play. Entering the fray in typical, pompous style with a flair and flick of the luscious, male model hair we all know and love. The timing of this latest arrival to the Marvel Heroes roster is clearly, and unashamedly, intended to capitalise on the arrival of Thor: The Dark World in cinema screens. But then, what else would you expect from dear old Loki Laufeyson? Oh yeah, the update also includes a bunch of Asgard locations (details below) but who cares about them? Loki is the real star.

Marvel Heroes Game Update 2.0 - Asgard will feature:

·      Asgard – The realm of the gods will include expansive new zones, a server-wide event to unlock the Bifrost Bridge to Asgard, new supervillains and more. Odin's Palace will be introduced as a brand new player hub.

·      Playable Villain Loki – Players can now play as the God of Mischief himself. The first playable villain in Marvel Heroes, Loki can use his sorcery to fire magical blasts, control spires of ice, and create illusions to confuse his foes. His ultimate power transforms Loki into a massive Frost Giant, gaining new powers and attacks.

·      New Starting Characters – Marvel Heroes now has a brand new roster of starting heroes for new players to choose from. Expanding from the previous five choices, players can now pick a free Marvel superhero from a list of nine exciting and unique playable heroes.

·      More Story Content – The epic story of Marvel Heroes continues in Asgard with brand new story missions featuring fully-voiced motion comics.

·      New Items – New item types like rings and Legendary items each have their own new item slots. Players will want to hang on to legendary items, as they grow stronger and gain experience along with the player!

*Wolfchild is an old Norse (Viking) term for a child taken when you slay their Father. It was actually a title of great honour at the time. After all, think about it. What is the more noble, honourable thing to do? Leave the child alone to die, or take responsibility for them as a mark of respect to a worthy foe? The more you know eh?

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Posts: 596

Cool update, they have really expanded this game a lot

Posts: 120

This is one of those games I have, and want to play, but simply haven't been able to.