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Will Wright's Opinion on SimCity

By Fr33Lanc3r.00728-02-2013

Anyone who has been around games long enough to experience The Sims knows of Will Wright, the visionary behind the Sims, Spore and the original SimCity, and you've all probably heard of the newest installment in the SimCity series. What you probably didn't know until now is how Will Wright felt about how the series has gone since he stopped actively taking part in its design and development - having left EA/Maxis to go onto other projects in 2009. According to the video linked above, Wright is positive about the new SimCity, talking enthusiastically about the features that he likes most. Seeming to have a thing for roads, Wright went so far as to admit that he blew the budget for a few cities mucking around with the curved roads tool, but more seriously, he said that he likes the new ways in which neighbouring cities interact, as it brings a new level of realism to the game.

In any case, I keep cautiously optimistic about the new SimCity. I haven't played one since SimCity 2000, which was all numbers and crushing defeat, and apparently it's a whole new kettle of fish these days, which would probably make this newest installment something for me to try.

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