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Will There be Snow in Miami?

By Toast06-07-2013

Who knows if there will be, nothing would surprise me about the weather, but what I can tell you is there'll be plenty of blood raining from the sky in the sequel of Hotline Miami. Eurogamer recently had an exclusive interview with Dennation about the sequel. They've already revealed that they they're not aiming for a more violent version of Hotline Miami, but a more challenging one which should keep us alert and on our toes, not that the first one didn't!

It may be rather odd about the unusual aspect of the game getting a sequel rather than an add-on DLC, but it probably works out for the better for improvements and for even more content to fans. "The pressure on us, from us, is to make the end of Hotline as good, as challenging as we can," says the narrator, which signifies that the hotline series is drawing to a conclusion after the sequel. "I guess we can say there will be snow falling when we are finishing." This possibly means it could be arriving by the end of the year or the start of 2014, it remains unclear what he means by this statement, but we'll eventually get a more accurate date in the near future.

So we'll soon be able to don the mask again and go on an absolute blood soaked rampage again in Miami, but in the meantime we'll have to wait, or replay the original until the sequel comes out, by that time you'll be bloody thirsty for more, literally!

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