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By breadbitten20-06-2013

Hotline Miami, oh how you torture me (...phrasing)! You left me gutted (...PHRASING!) with anger, and perforated (HEY, PHRASING!) me with an equal sense of introspection and enjoyment. Hotline Miami, you are a true gem among a sea of pretentious indie "games". But when exactly do you plan on returning to my life? To make me experience all those unwanted (yet wholly welcome) feelings again and render the LMB of my mouse, and the 'R' key from my keyboard, unusable?

Late 2013, you say? Well, at least let us take a look at the new you? You will!? OH GOD, THERE'S A TRAILER ON TOP OF THIS PAGE NOW! Guys, that totally wasn't there when I was writing this! Where's that bottle of Prozac I left on my desk!?


Oh, whew! Now, where was I? Ah yes, apparently Hotline Miami 2 is upon us sometime later this year and Dennaton's Denis Wedin recently let Rock Paper Shotgun in on some interesting tidbits on the sequel to the 2D top-down fuck 'em up. On the inclusion of a multiplayer mode...


"We are focusing on single-player and telling a story. Maybe multiplayer could be a DLC in the future or someone else wanting to do a patch or something. But it's not in our focus right now."

On the possibility of a level-editor, a feature that fans of the original have been clamoring for...

"We are working on it. We hope to. Like, of course, everyone is asking us for an editor, so of course we're trying to do it. We're seeing if we can make it work – get it usable for normal people."

Nice. Now excuse me while I answer my phone...

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Posts: 596

Wow, that was a really cool trailer :O

Posts: 1317

Hmm... I was too busy dying to notice.

Posts: 124

@Mrjenssen It did. A pretty kickass one at that!

Posts: 3290

Does it need one?

Posts: 1317

Wait. Hotline Miami had a story?

Posts: 3290

80s music ftw dude

Posts: 351

The first game was bat shit crazy so I am in for the second, great sound track as well in the first game.