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Will Amplitude be endlessly successful? - Endless Space 2

By elethio31-07-2015

Amplitude, the team behind Endless Space, Dungeons of the Endless , and Endless Legend, have just announced their latest title Endless Space 2.

Amplitude have been a very busy studio, managing to release three very well received and successful games in the last three years, as well as many updates and DLC for all their products. It's really surprising and encouraging to see an indie studio come from nowhere and suddenly be very successful with three totally different games. Especially when one of those is a space 4X, a genre notoriously difficult to get right.

Endless Space, released in 2012, was a welcome surprise for fans of the genre. Space 4X has very few successful games and a long list of wannabes and abject failures. The games that are successful in this area usually compromise their production quality for their complexity and depth or visa versa. But Endless Space managed to buck the norm by having fantastic visuals, sounds, story and all round great production values, while still having the depth and complexity needed to make their game rewarding.

I won’t pretend that Endless Space was perfect, but the areas that it was lacking in (space combat and ship design) were not necessarily areas that the majority of players were concerned about. However, the largest complaint levelled at the game was around the hands-off and simple nature of the combat, a problem that the devs endeavoured to fix in subsequent updates.

All in all, even though I’m not personally a fan of the first Endless Space, I do appreciate what it did for the genre and I am greatly looking forward to what Amplitude do with this sequel.

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