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WildStar's Final Class

By CameronW13-12-2013

Five WildStar class DevSpeaks later and it looks like we're finally at the end of the list. This week the developers sat down and had a little chat about the ranged tank class - the Engineer. Showing off the 'bots' that act as the Engineers' army of little pets that seem to be able to do it all (their little faces are adorable, too). Much like the other classes the Engineer seems to have a lot of options at their disposal to let the player decide how they want to play. It looks like you can summon all sorts of different combinations of bots that would work with however you want to play, be it DPS or a Tank.

WildStar still has no release date in sight, but the Beta and their stress tests have been trucking along and more and more content is being dropped into the internet's excited lap. I'm totally shooting from the hip here with no actual idea what I'm talking about, but from the way things are going it doesn't look like we're going to have to wait too much longer.

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Wish it were an Engineseer