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WildStar Where You Aim Like Wild

By JcDent12-07-2013

WildStar is shaping up to be an interesting...sort of space frontier story, where an empire clashes with a ragtag band of rebels. And now, they're talking about aiming!

The Devs claim that they have experimented with all sorts of aiming systems - traditional MMORPG tab aiming (also known as Skilless Boring Crapnozzle), reticule aiming (God's and Gabe's intended method) and soft tab targeting. Then they said "screw it" and made an unholy mix of systems. You can still select targets with tabs, but all abilities need to be aimed - and aim patterns differ wildly (the word "smorgasbord" was thrown in there).

To me, this isn't actual reticule aiming, but still close enough. Hopefully it will make many a tab targeter weep sweet, sweet tears of impotent rage.

Until then, we can only wait.

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I really want to give this game a try, so I am waiting for my beta.