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WildStar: The Strain Ultra Drop

By drcoolio34501-07-2014

WildStar hasn't been around for long but they're already coming out with a patch? nonsense, it took World of Warcraft three years to do this, and players had to pay for it. "The Strain Ultra Drop" is coming to WildStar players in a totally free patch form according to the most recent WildStar Devspeak episode.

Here are a just a few of the things promised in the patch:

• High Level characters can go back to Northern Wastes
• New zone called Blighthaven
• More house customization
• More lore
• New dungeons
• New equipment
• New enemies
• New PVP Battlefield
• New missions
• New Emote

You can find more on their website. A date wasn't mentioned, but it's pretty safe to assume that you can look forward to a larger, deadlier, and more Strain filled WildStar this week. Until then, have fun killing, dying, and exploring Nexus.

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