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Wildstar New Faction - The Dominion

By Mokman16-02-2013

Cartoonish sci-fi RPG has just introduced its new playable faction, the ubiquitous sci-fi trope, the all-encompassing dictatorial empire known as the Dominion. Released by Carbine Studios was a video introducing the faction, showcasing different elements and races involved with it - again, the name of the video draws uncomfortable comparisons between it and Team Fortress 2, some say maybe a bit too much inspiration is drawn from the hugely successful marketing campaign of the latter... doesn't take away from the fact that it's a brilliant video that causes me to tingle with both delight and anticipation.

On the other hand, another class was also revealed, the Stalker class - basically sci-fi rogues/assassins who utilize skills and equipment to lay down their foes. Released was a video showcasing the features of the class, and the aesthetics involved - all of which again are incredibly pleasing. I think so far what Wildstar truly shows is that cartoonish graphics still work in the current generation, in order to make visuals look not just fun, but also beautiful. Sign up for the beta now here.

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