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WildStar Hopes to Fill the Hard Core MMO Void

By BloodyFanGirl10-06-2013

We've previously covered several facets of Carbine Studios new game WildStar, like the game's controls, character paths, in-game factions and the game's housing system. If you're still not quite sure what WildStar is, then I advise you watch this informative video presentation.

Now the game design producer of Carbine Studios, Stephan Frost, has described the WildStar team's efforts to try to entice 1.3 million World of Warcraft subscribers Blizzard lost earlier this year. Frost spoke with MCV about the team's attempts to make something unique with WildStar. He said, "We're making something that's different. We're coming out at a time when WoW is losing subscribers and we can fill the void for people who want an MMO that's deep, hardcore but also accessible to people. We've found through betas and trade shows that MMO players understand our game. They can see the improvements we've made and notice that this game is something pretty cool."

Personally speaking, I would say that Carbine Studio's efforts have not gone unnoticed. Looking at the various trailers and gameplay footage, WildStar seems very promising. Whereas WoW interested me but looked daunting and difficult to pick up, WildStar appears much less intimidating. And if the tone of the Dev Speak videos is any indication of the tone of the game, then I'm sold. But what do you think? Has WildStar's charm failed to win you over? Let us know in the comments below.

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Yeah, I will never play Eve. Ever.

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WoW looked difficult and daunting? I sure hope you don't see EVE, lol