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WildStar Has PvP Too!

By CameronW24-03-2014

What kind of post WarCraft MMO would WildStar be without battlegrounds and arenas?  For the non MMO savvy people out there, Battlegrounds are large-ish scale organized PvP, and Arenas are generally smaller scale for a more personally skilled experience. WildStar has both of these, albeit with a couple tweaks. Arenas for example rather than being a single death and you’re out system, have a shared pool of respawns.

Both Arenas and Battlegrounds have open and rated modes, giving room for both casual players and that guy that has 50,000 posts on the forums, calling people bad at video games, place to shine. Both Rated and Open modes give Prestige, WildStar’s PvP currency, though rated mode gives bonus rewards because it’s probably a little bit more competitive.

WildStar’s ability telegraph system looks awesome for PvP, well, it looks awesome for everything, but it helps a lot in a PvP environment when you know absolute certainly where those meteors falling out of the sky are going to land so that you don’t have to guess. WildStar looks like fun. Watch this video of a guy explaining everything better than I can. Afterwards you can pre-order WildStar here.

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