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WildStar Gets Tricky with Hoverboard Reveal

By CameronW11-11-2013

Last week the fellows at Carbine Studios, people behind the massively anticipated WildStar MMO, made a bit of a stir with their (super secret) reveal of WildStar's main mode of travel - Hoverboards.  During the deceptively entertaining Warrior class showcase on Wednesday, the devs dropped some clever hints towards the secret announcement video. Within a couple days the internet had already torn their puzzle apart and revealed their prize in th form of this little video seen above, showcasing some sweet SSX-style hoverboard action.

MMO developers frequently tackle the problem of travel in their games by simply getting rid of it with things like waypoints a'la Guild Wars 2, or just making it so travel isn't a thing that needs to be done all the time like in World of WarCraft.  I find it pretty refreshing to see a new take on the chore of moving your virtual body across a virtual world while your real body sits stuck to a leather swivel chair. As a long time MMO player, this news combined with all of the other things that Carbine has been showing off in the past few months couldn't get me more on board.

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