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Wildstar Devspeak: BatmanWolverinePredator

By KamikazeGoomba29-11-2013

If the title of this article didn't attract you to Wildstar in any way shape or form, then please go check into a clinic to make sure that your motherboard is still functioning you robot. The in development MMO RPG Wildstar has been doing a fine job at enticing nerds such as myself with the promise of hoverboards, and the new Stalker class. The Stalker class is the sort of Rogue, the sneaky type that prefers ambushes over frontal assaults. And in this case the Stalker is well equipped with Wolverine claws, various gadgets, and the ability to turn invisible.

As a fan of stealth games, this trailer put me somewhere on cloud nine, but with the darkest, faintest feeling of fear on top of that. Wildstar's trailers, screenshots, and classes have all shaped up so far into a very appealing online experience. Plus the game's graphics make the world look absolutely gorgeous. What I'm really waiting for is the moment where the one tiny detail that crushes the whole concept gets announced, causing all of my hype and joy to turn into bitter, cold, resentment. But for now I'm sticking to happy thoughts, so go check out Wildstar.

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