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Wildstar: Character Paths, Death, Death And More Death

By BloodyFanGirl27-05-2013

Carbine Studios have released some more videos about their new game Wildstar, this time covering possible character paths. The video covers the 4 available paths as well as the numerous, unique 'challenges' that face pursuers of each path.

Soldiers are the legendary warriors in charge of crowd control on planet Nexus. Unfriendly crowds are hardly uncommon on planet Nexus and Soldiers are more often than not killed in combat. Scientists pass over swords for knowledge as their ultimate weapon. Scientists analyse the flora and fauna of planet Nexus though most of the planet's wildlife wants nothing more than to eat these beacons of wisdom. Explorers discover the uncharted lands of Nexus though are more than likely to stumble across a weak floor or two during their adventures. Explorers are often victims of the very world they're investigating. Lastly there are the Settlers that can build beneficial structures for their allies however their enemies will do their utmost to show their lack of appreciation for the Settler's efforts. There's an accompanying developer diary that further documents the differences between character paths and how they can work together. Check it out below.

The variety of play on offer here is extremely appealing though I was already won over by the game's genre-savvy and self-awareness on show in these recent trailers. I'm torn on which character path I'd choose though. Hopefully my decision will be made easier as more details about this game are released. What character path would you pick and why? Let us know in the comments.

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