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Wildman Will Go On

By JcDent22-01-2013

Wildman, the Chris Taylor and Gas Powered Games Kickstater RPG - RTS - MOBA (it's complicated) set in the Stone Age, aims to get 1.1 mil in support. Yet clouds gathered over the studio when they were forced to lay off a major part of their staff. Christ Himself had to ask people if they wanted for the game to continue with the skeletal staff (no, it's not a staff made for skeletons) - or just quit the game altogether.

Yet last night a ray of hope pierced the darkness of the Internets (said darkness being mostly made of furies, casuals and naked mods for Skyrim) as Chris announced that the development of the game will go on.

In the next few days we can expect more artwork and later on - a video that will detail Project Mercury, the platform which will deliver the mod tools.

For people who have too much money on their hands: the devs also plan to announce two more Kickstarterer tiers in the gulf between the $60 Digital Collector's Edition and the $125 Boxed Collector's Edition.

They plan to improve those with things like one-on-one Skype design sessions, art sessions and Chris Taylor sending you a Valentine's Day card (the last one might be made up).

So, what's YOUR take on this?

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hope they continue and do not give up on this project , do not forget that we are in the middle of a crisis period.