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Wildman Gets New Funding

By SavageOcto12-02-2013

With less than a week to go on their campaign, GPG canceled their Wildman Kickstarter. But fret not. While not enough people are showing their interests in the game now, other people with money think they will later on. "We've gotten a lot of phone calls from people who are interested in publishing Wildman," says Chris Taylor, GPG CEO.

In an RPS interview with Taylor at this year's DICE conference broke the news of publisher interests in the game. While they're interested in giving money to the project, "they would love to see us raise the money on Kickstarter, and then they'll take us the rest of the way," said Taylor. Showing that the game already has a strong player interest GPG would get "$2 or $3 million, at least" added. This will allow Wildman to be a much bigger and better game.

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to e honest this didn't really catch me. I'd be way more excited for a proper Supreme Commander sequel (yes I'm excited for Planetary Annihilation) but I'm happy that they found a way out from the mess that obviously they got themselves in.