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Wild Classes in Wildstar

By MatthewJMimnaugh22-11-2013

Carbine Studios, a dev team whose respective members had a metric crap ton of development exposure, and NCSoft, the guys responsible for a good number of MMO's people have actually heard of, recently posted a couple class updates.  These videos include a good introduction to the classes, their roles in combat, and play styles.  They also happen to make the videos themselves quite entertaining, the announcer one part snark, one part informative.

The most recent announcement was that of the spellslinger, described by the video as "Nightcrawler in a cowboy hat," which sounds just north of awesome.  The Esper, it the next most recent drop, is sort of a mix between Professor X and the Green Lantern, and the Warrior, finally, puts one in mind of a nuclear power pro wrestler with Megaman arm cannon and heavy armor.  All said, both these companies have done fairly well by players and the gameplay footage is looking quite good. The game is currently in beta and is expected to drop in spring of 2013.  The price point is complicated, though, here's their page dedicated to explaining it all.

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