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Why So Catty?

By Bobfish29-04-2013

BioWare are bringing back the Cathar. Remember them? Juhani was a real fan favourite, so you better. Anyway, they're coming to Star Wars: The Old Republic as a playable species in Update 2.1 customisation. Actually customization, but I'm English, so I spell it with an s. Deal with it!

The title for the update suggests there will also be a great deal of, you guessed it, new customisation options and bells and whistles, but the video showcase is solely on the Cathar at this moment. I guess the bit where it's called Cathar Preview Video should really give that away. But shh, I'm being, like, profound and junk. But anyway, enough rambling. Whatever these (other) customisation stuffs will be, be sure to check back. We will, as always, update you as we know more. Including which character archetypes will now have the Cathar as playable. Because, other than Jedi, the video doesn't tell us a great deal.

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