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Why Halo Wars 2 is Coming to PC While Quantum Break Isn't

By drcoolio34514-08-2015

Crackdown 3, Scalebound, Quantum Break, and plenty of other games are preparing for their releases as Xbox One exclusive games, and with Windows 10 being incorporated into Microsoft's plans for the future, one might expect that these games will be coming to PC too. Phil Spencer, head of Microsoft, isn't quite as optimistic about that PC part.

"Going to those teams mid-cycle and saying: ‘Hey, by the way, I want to add a platform,’ didn’t really feel like necessarily the best way to end up with the best result for the game. They had a path that they were on. It’s not to say those games could never come to Windows, but right now we’re on the path to finish the great games that they’ve started, and I want that to be the case."

That being said, Microsoft games that have been planned for a PC release since the beginning like Fable: Legends and Halo Wars 2 do exist, and Microsoft isn't practising the Nintendo method of piling all their games onto only their platforms.

"I look at the franchises that we have on console and I think there are some franchises that can work really well on PC. I also think about some of the things in our past, as Microsoft, that we used to have on PC, and say, ‘Boy, wouldn’t it be great if we brought some of these games back purely on PC."

Microsoft is developing games for both Xbox One AND PC, especially now that Xbox One and Windows 10 are starting their relationship, but whether or not a game will come out (or come back) on both platforms is just as hidden behind the corporate curtains as ever.


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