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Why Be a Hero When You Can Be a Zero?

By Bobfish06-07-2015

After the success of the Resident Evil Remaster, it was inevitable that more games in the series would receive the same treatment. And I am chuffed to bits that it's the best (because I say so) of them all. Resident Evil 0, which was playable at this year's E3, is next on the list. And right here, we have almost forty minutes of commented gameplay. Which included an acknowledgement that yes, they know we want a Resident Evil 2 full remake. So, Half-Life 3 confirmed amirite?

But on the subject of 0, gotta' say, it does indeed look very tasty. I'd say, in fact, that even at this early stage, the in game visuals are actually sharper and, well, 'better' than the cinematics. The latter having some hazy filters thrown over the top that make everything seem a bit wishy washy. Though, of course, they may well be brushed up by the time we reach the finished product. And they did say, some of the in game assets have been completely remade. Including some there were previously static, background images, which are now full, polygon textures.

Dude, just take my money already.

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