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Who Watches The Watch Dogs?

By Bobfish21-02-2013

Well I do, for a start. Showing almost five minutes of new footage for the upcoming Watch Dogs, there's not a single moment of plot development, yet there's so much going on. I was sceptical, extremely sceptical, when I first heard about the game. But now I'm well and truly hooked. It looks absolutely gorgeous, and this footage shows the game running on the PlayStation 4 (context menu's showed the X and triangle buttons and it was revealed during the PlayStation 4 unveiling today) so I can only imagine the potential for the PC release. Whatever else you might say about Ubi, their PC department does at least try to make up for it with advanced features. The PlayStation 4, of course, isn't something to be scoffed at, it has a lot of power already under the hood, but think long term too. The mods. Oh my, the mods! So go check out the potential of a truly open world. I'm going to go spend a few weeks with a friend in Chicago actually, take in some of the sights in the real world for comparison. But before I do, thought I'd share this with you, because it's showing an incredible amount of potential. There's also a commentaryless (totally now a real word) version too, which be can be found below. And remember, I'm watching you, so leave a comment below before you leave.

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I think the biggest thing to worry about will be Ubi throwing in some arse backwards DRM. I really hope they get over that

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Sooo looking forward to this. Also super worried that somethings going to come along and muck things up somehow, because everythings just looked too awesome so far...

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Is anyone else thinking this is what Assassin's Creed should have been? Maybe not so much the setting, but certainly the fluidity

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Modern day assaasihacker?