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Where There’s Smoke There's Tactical Insertions

By Jedireaper27-02-2014

So it seems that Ubisoft want to reward Veterans of Ghost Recon Online with some in-game currency for when the game is released, and get them to test out new gadgets in the public beta of the coming game, which is nearing release.

The awarded in-game currency will total up to twenty-five pounds in worth, or less depending on how you've played and time you've put in, and I guess the feedback you've given. This award applies to anyone who plays the public beta ahead of the game's official release, at which point the currency will be added two weeks after.

These gadgets are things that frankly I'm surprised weren't in there in the first place, but as with all games in Beta, and of late, not; things will be added over time, and in this case; Smoke Grenades (so you can be all ghosty), and Tactical Insertions, which will work like a squad spawn allowing you to spawn you near team-mates, much like the squad spawn from online Battlefield games I'd imagine.

Simon Dravis, the lead Game Designer on GRO had this to say:

"Tactical Insertion and Smoke Grenades are an important gameplay update that we believe will impact strategic gameplay on the battlefield," said Simon. "For the first time in the history of our game, we will make the features available first in a public playtest, so that our players can try them out and give their feedback. We want to make sure it is fine tuned for launch."

In order to use these new items, Ubisoft is holding a special testing session separate from the currently live Beta; in order to participate you must download a special version of the game from the games Official Website, log in and create/choose a new name, and all that jazz, which will eventually lead you to being able to play around with this new equipment on Level 1 soldiers. Sounds like fun.

I can see Ghost Recon Online going quite far, and being very popular with me and perhaps others who enjoy tactical shooters. If you have any thoughts please post a comment below, we'd love to hear from you.

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No idea...

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Does the level design NOT suck anymore?