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Where is Edwaldo?

By Kelevandos21-07-2013

Assassin's Creed series is surely a mature one, but who said we cannot have a bit less epic fun with it from time to time? Check out the "Where is Waldo" styled riddle which Ubisoft Canada provided for their fans on Facebook! And make sure to leave a comment below saying how long it took you to find the brave captain Kenway, yarr!

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Just goes to show how the subtlety in Assassins Creed has gone entirely down the drain.

Posts: 1317

How is it not half bad? It's not like the rest of the people in the picture are pirates. It's just a standard 'Where's Waldo?' image with a lazy copy-paste job thrown in.

Wait, you're right. It's not half bad. It's full bad. ^^

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And looking as a copy-paste job at that xD But still, the idea isn't half bad :-D

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Wow yeah, well hidden....

*SPOILER* In the middle of the picture? seriously? *SPOILER*

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it took me about 5-10 sec to find him :P